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Work by Jason Franks available now online and in selected bookstores.

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Sixsmiths Volume 1

Comedy/drama about a family of suburban Satanists fall prey to the global financial crisis.

Original graphic novel by Jason Franks and by J. Marc Schmidt. Available in stores around the world or direct from SLG Publishing. Also available from

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Left Hand Path

Detectives of the Unconventional Incidents Unit (UIU) are called in to investigate a bloody massacre perpetrated by a demon who is loose on the streets of Los Angeles.

Their only clue: a missing barrel of Rainbow Peach Swirl ice cream.

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McBlack is hired to eliminate a monster that is haunting a young boy’s dreams. But can he survive the imagination of a child?

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WHITEFACE McBLACK used to be a private dick, but he gave it up in order to pursue on his true calling: murder, sabotage, theft and arson. So, when the Killer Dame asks him to help her find her rotten ex-husband, he’s reluctant to take the case.

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When guitar virtuoso Clarice Marnier finds herself blacklisted she makes a deal with the devil for a second chance. Soon Clarice and her band, Bloody Waters, are on their way to stardom… but cracking the Top 10 is one thing; gunfights with the Vatican Mafia and magical duels quite another. Clarice is going to have to confront the Devil himself – the only question is whether she’ll be alive or dead when it happens.

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UNGENRED collects Jason Franks’ mainstream short comics. Autobiography, comedy, travel, biography, allegory, social realism, tall tales, period drama – you never know what will be on the next page. Might even be some talking robots.

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