Faerie Apocalypto

Faerie Apocalypse. I’ve been hearing a lot of people saying “It sounds cool,” and then “what is it actually about, anyway?” I’m not yet able to give you a blurb, but I thought I’d give you some bullet points to chew on: There are bullets in the book, and some characters do chew on them–full auto. This ain’t your grand pappy’s fairyland. Despite that it is a fantasy novel, set mostly in Faerie Land and featuring a variety of magical, monstrous beings as well as a succession of human characters who are also, in varying degrees, monstrous and magical. It’s a...

Nerdy Girl Express Review of The Sixsmiths volume 2

Another one from Kat at The Nerdy Girl Express, this time covering Sixsmiths volume 2! “Volume two of The Sixsmiths is very much a book about transitions as many characters find themselves setting out on new paths, including the vicar of the church himself.” Full review right here: The Sixsmiths Volume 2 @CaliberComics Review from @kleffnotes Hail Satan!       FacebookTwitterTumblrEmail

Nerdy Girl Express Review of The Sixsmiths

Just in time for Diamond Day is a brand new review of The Sixsmiths from Kat at The Nerdy Girl Express. “What makes this series so fun to read is that everything that happens just seems so normal. When I was trying to think of the best way to explain it I actually thought of the American television classic, Happy Days, but if Richie and his family had more tattoos and occasionally listened to death metal.” Read the full text here: https://t.co/IlWLHXRi7y Remember–the book will be in stores in January! Hail Satan! –JF FacebookTwitterTumblrEmail

Faerie Apocalypse signed to IFWG

IFWG Australia has just signed my second novel, Faerie Apocalypse, for a 2017 release. Here’s the announcement on IFWG’s website: New Signing: Faerie Apocalypse by Jason Franks It’s a ‘literary fantasy’ novel, I guess you’d call it. You will certainly be hearing more about this in the coming months but for now this is all you’re getting. FacebookTwitterTumblrEmail

Paul Rasche in Monsterland

I spoke with Paul Rasche about his bizarro occult-SF novel, Smudgy in Monsterland. JF: Smudgy In Monsterland is about a boy who is orphaned in a Satanic terrorist attack on a space theme park, in a world where the Heinrich Himmler is king of a Nazi empire that spans the solar system. How does a project like this take shape in your brain? What was the seed idea? PR: This was the second novel I’d attempted. Both attempts were built from a single idea, that is then extrapolated upon in both directions (i.e. how did it come to this, and...